Joe Schrank

Joe Schrank is a social worker, writer, and recovery advocate. A person in long term recovery, Joe has lived free of intoxication for more than 20 years. After underperforming at USC, Joe was diagnosed and treated for clinical depression and alcohol use disorder. He returned to school at Iona college in West Chester, NY and the a graduate program in clinical social work and community mental health at the University of Illinois. Joe’s research there focused on depression and alcoholism among college athletes. From there, Joe worked as a therapist at Promises in Malibu, California. Upon returning to NYC, he founded the first sober living in NYC, the first recovery program in NYC public schools, and thefix.commwhich became the premiere media entity for issues regarding addiction and recovery.

Joe has worked across the continuum of in the addiction and recovery space. He has facilitated hundreds of interventions and managed countless crisis. He is a frequent contributor to salon, Huffington post, gawker, Fox News, and CNN. Joe is an ardent harm reduction advocate and supports multiplayer pathways toward improvement of mental health. He has two boys who have never seen him drink. Joe remains a disgruntled alcoholic with varying degrees of success with managing his multiple flaws. He has zero luck keeping the “that’s the last tattoo” commitment.